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Flora and Fauna

The flora in the Shire is generally sparse. There are a variety of different flora types in the area. The flora type is predominately mulga shrub land or mulga woodlands and spinifex grass, as well as some saltbush and bluebush. Mulga, saltbush and succulent steppe are dominant around Lake Carey.

Although most of the Shire of Laverton is classified semi-arid, it still supports a variety of native and feral fauna. Examples of native fauna include the Spinifex Hopping Mouse, Mallee Fowl, Wedgetail Eagle, Emus, varieties of parrots and bats, snakes, lizards and Brine Shrimp (Artemia) in Lake Carey.

Feral animals include, but are not limited to camels, horses, goats, donkeys, rabbits, cats and dogs.  Feral animal control programs are in place to manage feral animal populations on Pastoral leases throughout the Shire.